2016-08-08 - 1:18 p.m.

Now I am dealing with the other side of parental units, this time visiting us. The MIL is so - exhausting. I am trying to appreciate her strength of character (aka bossiness, surety she is always completely correct) but just hearing her words this morning in her particular accent made me hide in my room. Holding court in our living room, making plans and suggestions for everyone, tuning in to Fox News. I woke up at 3 am and fretted about my kid not being loved enough by her grandparents for the kid that she is. I fretted about friends having marriage troubles. I fretted about only hitting 3 dots on my Fitbit because MIL hates to/cannot walk. I would think "only 20 hours to go" and then fret about my kid lying in her bed one day at 3 am, wishing I would go home. I can't let that happen - but is it inevitable?

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