2008-11-01 - 5:19 p.m.

Why not try to write every day in November, anyway? Maybe I will, as my novel skills will not be tested this November.

I'll tell you what's being tested right now - my social skills. Every town needs "staging locations" for the Ob@ma volunteer effort, usually people's houses. We agreed 'cause we're in a central area where they couldn't get anyone else to do it so - yeah. From 9 am this morning our house has been full o' strangers and our own personal Field Director, a young'un from Chicago who doesn't know what to make of NC, that's for sure. Volunteers come and go, actually the most fascinating people, but still - it's a lot of small talk. And toilet paper. And "sure, look in our fridge for something to eat". We will get the house back around 9 pm tonight and for the next three days, it will be 9-9, the same routine, our house. On the one hand it is awesome, because crap man, we're helping and here it is the end. Also, nothing motivates some serious housecleaning pre-in-law visit like hundreds of strangers coming and hanging out in your house. On the other - did I mention my sub-standard socials skills? I'm currently hiding and typing this secretly as I guiltily listen to AH feed the baby. I'm also hiding because I saw someone drinking some pink grapefruit juice that I'm pretty sure has been in the fridge for at least three months and I am afraid they will ask me why I would serve spoiled juice. Dang. The funniest part of today was running into a patron of my university library - we can't stand each other. He is always always whining "why can't you get this book for me?" or "I don't know how to use Final Cut Pro - can you show me?" - um, FCP cannot be learned in five minutes sir and thankfully, the media lab is under someone else's jurisdiction. Anyway, he hates me. And he showed up with a giant platter of fruit and cheese for the volunteers - and then I opened the door. cheese plate = $50. Look on his face, when he realized he was giving it to me? Priceless. (I should mention most patrons and I get along just fine but he and I have been off kilter since my very first day and have never gotten back on kilter, if you know what I mean)

Also, you never really realize how much your baby cries until you try to deal with her as a bunch of people are phone banking in your living rooms.

Also, I was told to drop dead by a McCain supporter today and only later did I think of the zinger, "your candidate is the one who will be dropping dead sir, have you noticed how OLD he is?" which of course isn't a zinger at all, but it's amazing what being personally yelled at can do to your wit.

Also, tune in tomorrow.

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