2015-11-05 - 7:07 p.m.

I am writing this story down for posterity. Like 50th anniversary toasts. This is how AH gets clothes:

I buy all his work shirts. From thrift stores. If it is plaid or striped in a vintagey sort of way and the right size, I buy it. That is all he wears.

The t-shirts underneath are old concert t-shirts usually, now a little small if we were really being honest. A little squeezey.

The two hoodies in his life are hoodies I bought him as gifts, those fancy 10 year hoodies.

The jeans are either Uniqlo or Boden, ordered exactly the same every time.

He buys one pair of shoes at a time and wears them out which is depressing when he buys a pair of shoes I'm not as fond of. I try to control this purchase, truth be told, but he doesn't really let me.

A small brimmed hat, for literally years at a time.

And here's the latest kicker. I finally ditched his puffy 70's down ski coat last year (leaking feathers) and he needed a new winter/fall coat. I had showed him many options but he wasn't biting. He certainly wasn't shopping. The hoodie was being worn - a lot. We had an appointment with a window firm, the kind of annoying quote meeting that is like a sales pitch mixed with construction planning. 3 hours of the hard-ish sell to replace all the windows on our first floor by a gym style construction dude with a shaved head. When he finally left with our money in his hand, he also left his (nice) black Kenneth Cole coat at our house. We called him to tell him he could pick it up the next day - and he said "Ah, just keep it or donate it". I am not sure why. Why would you leave your nice coat behind? Because you just made enough money off of us to justify leaving it behind? Who knows. But he has been wearing a discarded window dudes jacket every.day.since. I think I'm going to see a lot of that jacket in my life.

And that's how he dresses.

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