2015-01-29 - 10:34 p.m.

I am well pleased with myself because we had a back sliding day on Tuesday - we all felt cranky, sickish and very tired so we got take-out tacos and broke the No TV Tuesday rule and watched some ice dancing. It did the trick, made us all feel better and rested and cozy but then I was concerned we would not go TV Free the next two days...but here we are. We did. We read, and shopped for hosting a Super Bowl party, and ate pizza and talked about book ideas and solidified February plans and cursed taxes. We tried to use my new ciricular saw but were missing a hex wrench needed to put on the blade and took it all the way to the hardware store to get a new one- only to discover the hex wrench attached to the cord. Whoops. Seriously, home improvement with us always takes 10X the time that I think it will.
One night AH went to the gym and tonight I did and it really does seem to be the ideal way. I came home and ate a cookie but I would have done it anyway.
The most genius thing about tonight is at Christmas, I bought AH a knife skills class for Friday jan 30 and arranged for us both to have the day off. So we are playing hookie tomorrow (with boss permission I hasten to add) and it really was excellent to end Jan with a 4 day week. Knowing I can sleep in tomorrow? Priceless.
Please lord, let the Seahawks win the Superbowl so this city doesn't suffer a terrible collective anger and depression. But what do my prayers matter? Ask the New Yorker:

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