2014-06-18 - 10:27 p.m.

Things I Don't Understand About TV

Who came up with Naked and Afraid? The naked part? Was that some kind of joke in a meeting and then they looked at each other and said "We can totally do that!"I have never watched more than 2 minutes but I assure you, I would never ever ever try out. Insect bites!

Why I can't find a good essay about Louie dating Amia on this season and how fucking frustrating it is to have everyone approve of his relationship and think it's amazing and I just think it's really really depressing. There used to be this kind of boy in Vancouver who would haunt the English Instruction schools, one who couldn't so well when it involved a woman on more equal footing but looked like a positive stud when "tutoring" some poor girl who couldn't do anything but smile at him. An empty vessel to fill with your own fantasies. This season is the first time I've really felt some anti-woman stuff from him and it's just a drag.

Why oh why do I let my kid watch Bachelorette with me? To make a feeble defense, it has only ever been the female version - the Ette if you will - so she isnt subjected to the grossness of 20 women in pagent gowns and extensions fighting over a loser. But still. I am ashamed. And seeing why my parents for their own TV in their room which I will never do but I can also see why. I am never alone. Thus she has also seen Veronica Mars. I am never alone.

I really mostly wanted to talk about Louie. But not in the way you Tweet or FB it. Quietly. Here. Alone.

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